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My one-on-one sessions are a great way to be seen and heard, change something, solve a problem, make a decision, open your heart, live your purpose, become self-aware, be accountable for your actions, be witnessed, move forward, get unstuck, remove creative blocks, etc.

I offer coaching packages, Concierge Coaching, and Mini 90-Minute Sessions: Get It Done, Sort it Out, and Pressure Relief. I just added Asheville Visitors Coaching for those of you who are vacationing here and would like to enhance your travel experience with a session. Soon, I will be offering email coaching as well. My regular sessions are done via phone, Skype or in my Asheville office. I also, on occasion, provide sessions in your home or office.

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I came to coaching with Victoria at a time of extreme upheaval and transition in my life. A very positive life change had turned into a time of overwhelming chaos, due to big health challenges and other factors beyond my control. I was in need of someone to gently guide me back to my center, in order to prioritize and navigate the challenges at hand, but also create space for joy and creativity in my life again. As an artist and someone out of the traditional workforce for many years, I have significant difficulty with discipline and time. Victoria helped me to set very realistic intentions and gave me constructive methods for gently structuring my time based on those intentions. Rigid methods may work for some but are definitely not for me! She wisely reinforced the critical concept of loving boundaries and committing to some “me” time and showing up for it! One of my intentions was to “keep the pilot light on” for my creative self. By allowing time for some creative play and exploration, I have the beginnings of a new direction for my work that I’m quite enthusiastic about. That joy is very healing and has permeated to all other areas of my life, even in this big time of change and challenge.
— Barbara M., Georgetown, TX

  First time here? Welcome! Here's a brief greeting I recorded just for you! 

Hello there! I'm Victoria Fann

I'm a transformational coach that specializes in helping consciously evolving women design a life that is in full alignment with their most heartfelt values and purpose. My work is embodied, meaning I live the principles I speak about, and they are rooted in a deep personal journey studying with world renowned teachers and over 10,000 hours of inner exploration. 

My current work involves inspiring and empowering women to live life on their terms, to follow their hearts and their dreams and open themselves to their highest joy. There is NOTHING more rewarding, more enlivening or more authentic than "doing who you are"! I serve as a guide that helps unblock the pathways of old beliefs and habits and break down the walls of resistance and procrastination until the light breaks through and momentum kicks in. During my twenty years as a coach and workshop leader, I've worked with hundreds of women facilitating inner transformation as well as the outer manifestation of their highest joy. 

The road to inner alchemy is as close as your own breath. All you need is someone to take you there.

It would be my heartfelt pleasure to assist you!

I firmly believe people come in our lives for specific reasons. The timing of me meeting Victoria on Facebook couldn’t have been better. I had just gotten back home from a year in the Bay and the winter season plus other challenges had really tested me. I followed the intuition to begin working with Victoria, and from the first session something in me shifted so palpably. That very same evening I finally asked for emotional support of my family, and that made a big difference. In the coming months, as my connection to Victoria deepened all kinds of breakthroughs occurred. I myself am a transformative coach, so I know the power of breakthroughs in perception, and Victoria has held incredible space for me to have very powerful breakthroughs emotionally, professionally, and relationally. Our sessions have magic in them. And not just the sessions, but Victoria’s Recap emails which she sends out after the session touch me immensely. There is something special in reading the insights from the session and absorbing them on an even deeper level. Victoria’s loving, authentic, encouraging and flowing approach has been the perfect combination to support me on this very powerful journey I am on. I am sooo very grateful!
— Rossi D., Chicago, IL

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Grab a cup of tea, relax and luxuriate in my cozy little online sanctuary while you explore the many tips, tools and ideas I've created with you in mind. Put your feet up and revel in the self-care suggestions you'll find here. This place is all about supporting your soul's journey, with plenty of reminders to just be (and breathe).. You'll find creative tools and exercises, ideas and inspiration, along with some simple game plans to get your life moving again. All of it my gift to you to thank you for stopping by and being part of this creative tribe of women.Together, we can hold the space in our hearts that gives each of us a unique voice and yet unifies us as one sisterhood. Our time has come.

I have LOTS of juicy soul-nourishing goodies in store for you in the coming months! I'll be offering up some online as well as in-person groups and retreats and MORE! All delightful and chock-full of ingredients to help make this time fulfilling and amazing! I'll be busy behind the scenes working on all of these goodies, but in the meantime, stop by and read my blog, subscribe to my newsletter or just drop me a line to say hello! I'm SO glad you're here!

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Seven Reasons a One-on-One Session Might Be for You!

1. You don't feel seen, heard or appreciated in your life and you REALLY need someone who believes in you 100% and is willing to hold the space for you no matter what and support you to live your highest joy.

2. You feel lost or confused or simply burned out. You feel as though your life is in a rut and you don't have the energy to dig it out.

3. You have big dreams and even some ideas about how to get there, but you're not making the progress you'd like and you would LOVE some help.

4. You've recently been through a MAJOR change and you cannot seem to find your rhythm or get your life back on track. You'd SO appreciate a partner to help you build a bridge from your old life to the new one.

5. You're ready to take a leap from full-time employment to business ownership and yet you keep hesitating and hanging back. Each day that passes, you feel guilty that you're not following through. What you need is an accountability buddy!

6. You're working on a BIG breakthrough creative project and would HUGELY benefit from having a guide navigate through some of the territory with you.

7. You really need clarity about some critical decisions in your life and you feel too close to them to see the best choices. Talking it over with friends and family is not an option, but it would be super helpful to get some feedback and suggestions.

Do any of those scenarios sound like you? If so, head right on over to my connect page and let's get started! It's my absolute pleasure to serve you and help make your life blossom and grow once again!